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Travel Diaries ..a short passage from my book

Krásný večer, 

dnešní článek je netradičně celý v angličtině, protože jsem v poslední době schopnější psát dlouhé texty právě v tomto jazyce. Je to jen takový úryvek, protože jsem si říkala, že bych ráda napsala knihu a tak doufám, že se vám tento kousek bude líbit a že mi sdělíte váš názor na něj! Užijte si zítřejší vánoční den a mějte se krásně!!!!! 

Good evening guys,

I have finally arrived home and I am very happy to be in my homeland with my family and friends. It was a long travel and I would love to tell you all about it and even more because I feel like realizing lots of things during that travel. I don´t like revealing my thoughts but I reached  a point of my life when I need to share my experience with you guys because maybe there is someone who would share the same or a similar situation.  

My trip begun in Pozoblanco where I had to take the first bus which usually leaves at 6:15 am. I paid 2,80€ for a ticket to Villanueva de Cordoba where the train AVE leaves from. I packed my hand luggage the day before so therefore I was ready for my trip. I genuinely don’t like doing things at the last moment because in this way I always forget something or I am just too nervous being late and miss something.

Going towards the bus station at 6 am in the morning was kind of charming. The stars where shining and people were still sleeping. My baggage that I ran down the sidewalk was very loud because of its wheels and I was just thinking of all the sleeping people. When I arrived at the bus station, I spotted an old women walking around. I walked towards her and said, Buenos días, hola!” she replied the same and continued walking. When she was closer I gathered enough encourage to ask her some information about the bus. She assured me that the bus should arrive on time so I felt me contented. After a while, another woman came and started to talk to the old woman. I think they were friends. The bus arrived on time and we got on. I sat down in the first row of seats just close enough to the bus driver. The old woman sat down next to me and the conversation amongst them had started.

                I felt me so honoured to be part of that conversation and I was thinking about me being there. A girl from the Czech Republic, sharing this exact moment because of some reason that I don’t know and being exactly there at that time with them. I was really impressed by this magical moment and I enjoyed the conversation so much. They were talking about the timetables of buses in Spain and the fact that people tend to use cars or trains more than buses and if they are lucky at last some people enter on the board but the money still don’t cover the usage of the bus.

                I didn’t say a word during the whole journey but I enjoyed listening to the Spanish speaking people complaining about the bus timetable and wondering how they use some certain phrases.  After the arrival to the train station, I felt a sudden cold in my feet. I considered that Spanish summers are very hot but the winters are nearly as cold as in my country. We went into the hall and waited for the train that arrived as well on time. I hadn´t check my train ticket so I entered to the wrong carriage which I had realized just while I was looking for my seat. My place was of course on the other side of the train so I had a long walk and when I finally found my seat I saw that there was sitting the old woman from the bus. I sat down next to her and explained her everything about my ticket. She apologised for not checking up on my ticket which I obviously didn’t find in any sense as her mistake. We both decided to take, siesta” and I slept till the arrival to Madrid.

                I felt me contentedly going with her to the hall as I didn’t remember where to find the underground. Eventually it was pretty easy to know where to go because there were everywhere signs. I had a prepared list with my notes about the lines and directions so I was fine. I found that out on website of the underground which showed me the best way to get to the airport. I already had my ticket from my first trip so I didn’t need to bother me with that. The journey took approximately 1 hour from the station Atocha to the terminal 2.  After arriving at the airport, threading among people I finally reached the tourniquets where I was trying to put into my underground ticket but without achievement. So I went to talk to a person in charge and asked why it was not working. After hearing that I need to pay 3 more euros to enter to the airport was shockingly unpleasant finding for me. Anyway, I had to pay it and I entered into the hall. By the way, my timing was quite good. I had 2 extra hours so I could just relax and enjoy the duty free shops but honestly, I have been fed up of shopping recently so I entered there for a while to Relay which is a newspaper stand and I bought and interesting book called, ,,Si tú me dices ven lo dejo todo…pero dime ven “ . I started to read it and it devoured me in so I spent the whole time by reading and the time seemed flowing quickly. I boarded on the plane, sat down next to some Spanish people and started to think of Spain and my travelling. I felt me a little bit strange because it was like I was leaving and not coming back but I am. I realized how I feel when I am in my country. I am usually happy but I was asking myself the reason of my travels and why I feel like the world is running out in front of my eyes when I am in my country. But the findings of my travels abroad were genuinely shocking for me. How is it possible that I have realised it just now? Is it a sign? The truth is that wherever I travel abroad, it´s because of love or a crush for someone or escaping from love.

                My first travel to England was originally because of my first boyfriend. He was a professional sportsman and his races took place mainly in the UK. I wanted to be with him and I moved there but it was only a crush for him so at the end when he left to my country I decided to stay in England for longer time. After a year I came back to my country and met there a handsome French man who fell in love with me. Later, I fell in love with him as well and because he forced me to move to France and of course I also wanted, I moved. We spent nice 2 years together but the destiny didn’t want it for me nor for him this way and we had to split up. However, we are still friends because I think that when you love someone, it is not only for the appearance but also for the qualities of their personality and we were like two best friends in love.

 However, it was September last year and I was waiting to enter to a university. I remember that I had a part-time job in an insurance company and I received a message from a stranger. I usually don’t answer but that summer I spent 2 weeks in Portugal and I was amazed by the country and this boy was from that fairy-tale country. I opened his profile and watched his photo, he seemed nice and good looking so I decided to answer. After a while I felt he is very special and I knew that he was going to become very important for me. We started to chat and it was like a huge wave of interest for each other. We were sometimes talking since the morning until the next morning. I felt a strong link between us even though we hadn´t met. I felt like I knew him for such a long time, I trusted him unconditionally and I knew I felt in love with him. Going throughout the year, it started to become difficult for us but we kept talking until I decided to see him finally after a year. I drove from my country to France with my parents and then from France to Portugal on my own. I was completely exhausted but I wanted to meet this boy even if it was for the first or last time.  We met and I was so shy but happy to be with him. I was lost in his eyes and smile. Sometimes while he was talking I just wanted to watch more and more often his eyes. I found him very reserved but this was even more attractive to me and I found it charming. I felt my stomach shrunken that I could not even eat but also full of feelings and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I can say that the headline of the book I bought at the airport can describe exactly what I wanted to hear ,, Si tú me dices ven lo dejo todo…pero dime ven!”. But I had to leave back to France and before I left I told him I got a job in Spain.

Going back in time, I know I decided it because of him. I wanted to be closer to him. After coming back to my country, we spoke a bit and then he vanished. I don’t know until now his reasons, nor if he knows that I am in Spain because of him but the only thing I am aware of is that all is just as it needs to be so he probably just didn’t feel the same way as me or he thought I could hurt him. Whatever, I believe that the answer eventually comes either from him or from the stars. It always does and if not from him, the life will choose another way for us and no one knows if our paths cross again or not.

Later I fell asleep immediately and after two hours of flight, we landed in Paris and I felt me even more tired. I had 5 more hours to wait so I went to the toilet and did my best to feel me fresh and good looking. I walked around for a while and eventually ended up in front of the gate belonging to my flight to Prague. I started to hear my language and I felt me so close to my homeland. I sat down next to a Czech couple but they thought that I was Spanish because of my book that I kept holding in my hands. I pretended I was Spanish because I wanted to know what they say about me. Cheeky me. They were playing some fancy cards and I wanted to join them but they started to try speaking in Spanish just by saying few words from some famous songs. It was amusing so I took out my Czech passport and they found out that I am actually not Spanish. We started to speak and the time passed so fast. I boarded onto my last plane and sat down next to some French old men. I was very disappointed by myself because I could not make any effort to speak their language because I haven’t practiced it for such a long time. Anyway, I slept again, listened to music and continued reading my book.

                We landed in Prague and I had such a good feeling. Finally!!! I went out from the airport and I felt sudden and freezing cold. Puff, welcome home, Jani! I put on my gloves and hat and walked towards the bus station but I didn’t see any people standing at the stop of the AE so I was waiting couple of minutes, asked some people about the bus and no one knew anything. I decided to go back into the hall and look for some info there. Suddenly I spotted a paper on the information stand saying that the AE stops only in front of the terminal 1. Ulaaaaaa, running fast there, murmuring how stupid people are. When I got there, I found out that I had lost one few minutes ago so I had to wait 25 more. I was freezing cold but happy being in Prague. Reaching out the train station, I was sure I was in my country. Ufff, Punch into my face! I felt strong smell of alcohol and saw many drunk people. I stood in front of two drunk girls and a boy and stealthily listened to their conversation. Silly talks and few nasty Czech words assured me again that I was at home, but I was happy and kept smiling. The train was coming and I went throughout the hall again smelling vodka and beer. I was finally on the train heading to my town. I entered to a coupe where had already been few people. It was a family speaking in English and an old woman. Suddenly the mum of the children started to speak Czech and telling us a story about her family. She met her husband in Ostrava and they fell in love, she went to the UK and struggled a bit to get a job. She finally found one and made a family with her husband. At that moment, I realized that everything is possible, you just need to believe and I realized that I am not the only one who has moved several times abroad because of love. The conclusion of this is just Carpe diem.

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